Exterior Cleaning



    We specialise in the removal of moss and algae from tar and cobble driveways. We use a mechanised brush with a rotary head that brushes the moss away and leaves the surface ready for moss treatments. This cleaning device was designed in Germany and has won multiple awards. Treatment systems are then used to eradicate moss from cracks and below the surface if required or desired. To prevent the recurrence of moss maintenance systems can be implemented.



    First, we scrape the moss with specially developed profiled roof scrapers kits and long reach poles. After a clean we use long reach water fed poles to apply treatments or can steam clean with a low-pressure surface washer. The final step is a biocide treatment to ensure that all biofilms are eradicated and that the roof stays clean for a long time. Gutters and fascia are then washed down and cleaned so that the property is left spotless. We access roofs mainly via an Aluminium Scaffold. We do not get onto roofs or power wash with lances as this is dangerous with the risk of falling from height and can also damage the roof tiles.


    Patios and Stone

    We do not use power wash with high pressure on permeable paving as the substructure can become damaged. The patio type and finish, the jointing system in place will dictate the best cleaning approach. Please see the FAQ section for information on patio joints.

    Aged black lichen also referred to as blackspot is one of the hardest biofilms to clean from paths and patios and we have the knowledge and experience to deal with this.


    We have a concrete cleaning system that involves several steps which may need to be repeated depending on the severity of the colonisation of biofilms and the dirt build up. The most difficult items to be removed are aged black lichen often called black spot. These required very focused treatments and sometimes several repeated applications are required. Biocide treatment after cleaning is essential to slow recolonisation.


    Red, Green and Black Staining to Walls

    Many houses have coloured render which is quite susceptible to organic growths such as red, green and black algae and or fungi. These are very difficult to eradicate, and serval different cleaning systems need to be used. These walls should not be power washed as they can become damaged by this method of cleaning. We use a soft wash system and a biocide application to remove this in several treatments and steps. Following cleaning the only way to keep these walls free from future colonisation is to implement a maintenance plan.



    Cleaning windows externally today involves washing with pure water. This system allows the windows to be washed and when the window dries it is streak free. Pure water is filtered through resin filters and has no minerals or salts so when it dries the glass is left clean. This is also a safer method as it completed using long reach water fed poles and therefore removes the need for ladders and thus prevents falls from height.

    Internally the traditional method using squeegees by hand is still the best approach. If customers want larger panes of glass at ground level hand cleaned this can also be completed.


    Solar Panels

    The most effective way of cleaning these panels is with water fed poles, pure water and an appropriate designed brush. Cleaning removes dirt and prevents the build-up of biofilms. Regular cleaning increase or maintains the performance of the units.

    Gutters and Fascia

    The best way of cleaning these items is with water fed poles with a brush head. This may require several applications depending on the severity of the algae or if it is just a dirt build up.

    Tarmac Restoration

    Tarmac loses its colour and resins as it ages. There are several paints and applications on the market however we only use a product from a UK company that replaces the resins and brings the colour back into it. Before applying this product, the surface needs to be cleaned to remove all dirt and organic matter. This can be a more costly process but it is worth it - your tar will look like new and it will prolong its lifespan.

    Pre painting Cleaning

    Before painting walls it is best to get them cleaned. Power washing is an option many people choose to use, however this can damage the wall by pitting or opening the plaster. At Dandelion we treat the walls to remove all the organic matter immediately. Rinsing with water-fed brush systems then remove all loose dirt. For heavy soiling a low pressure of water can be applied.

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