How do you remove the moss from Driveways?

We have specialised equipment that can remove the moss from the surface. The rotary head brushes the tar clockwise and then counter clockwise so that the surface is cleaned. An application of a biocide is then the only way to ensure all of the moss left below the surface in the cracks and voids is eradicated.

Why is the joint lifting on my sandstone patio?

Many companies and home owners have installed a joint material in patios which is wetted and then brushed into the paving. It looks great when new and its super quick and easy to install, but it is porous and in time it will break down and start to leave holes in the patio joints as well as allowing weeds to grow. Aside from this it can prove detrimental to the patio base.  Porcelain and stone should be laid on a full bed of sand and cement and allowing water down will increase the risk of water becoming trapped and slabs popping.

We can fix this by raking and cleaning out the joints and then installing a concrete based grout that will not break down. It has been used for 30 years in the UK and Ireland.

Patio repairs are often required to refix loose paving.

How effective is Power Washing?

Power washing is great for cleaning many surfaces however it is only one step in the cleaning process. Often you will find that when an area has been power washed the spores from fungi, lichens and so on (biofilms) are displaced which then land on the clean surface and start to recolonise and before you know it the area is looking as dirty as ever.

Also be wary of what you power wash. Renders and tar can easily become damaged by power washing at high pressure so care must be taken.

How do you clean roofs?

We don’t get onto roofs. We scrape the moss with specialised scrapers and poles. The areas are then treated for cleaning purposes with long reach water fed poles. This can either be an applied treatment or a steam cleaning application with a surface cleaner for quicker results. The final step is a biocide treatment to ensure that all biofilms are eradicated and that the roof stays clean for a long time. Gutters and fascia are then washed down and cleaned.

How effective are Spray and Walkaway Products?

These are great for maintaining surfaces, but they have their limitations. To clean properly it requires an assessment of the material and area being cleaned, its accessibility and the colonisations that are present.

Does Artificial Grass need to be maintained?

Usually requires checking the seams and joints and brushing the pile with a power brush. Additional silica sand can be added depending on wear and tear. The process will generally be dictated by the conditions on the ground. Moss and algae can be removed which depends on the site conditions.

Why do you Clean Windows with High Reach Poles?

Cleaning windows externally usually involves washing with pure water or ionised water. This system allows the windows to be washed and when the window dries it is streak free. This is also a safer method as it removes the need for ladders and therefore prevents falls from height.

Internally the traditional method is still the best.  For larger panes of glass Dandelion prefer using a squeegee.

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