Exterior Maintenance


    Periodic Maintenance

    When anything is cleaned especially externally it is only for a point in time. The dirt and biofilms such as moss, algae, fungi and lichens will in time start to recolonise and eventually will get back to where they were pre-clean.

    What we recommend is following cleaning a once-a-year maintenance plan is put in place. This will ensure your property will stay clean without the need for major cleaning works therefore saving money and protecting the property.

    The maintenance plan will be driven by the item that you want to maintain, and this can be advised on site post treatment to best suit your needs.

    Artificial Grass Maintenance

    Artificial grass required maintenance. As an installer of this product Dandelion understand the checks and maintenance required to keep the surface at its best. As part of our maintenance service we check the seams and joints and brush the pile with a power brush. Additional silica sand can be added depending on wear and tear. The process will generally be dictated by the conditions on the ground. Moss and algae can be removed and the grass should be treated to prevent growth of biofilms which in many ways is dependent on the site conditions.  For 3G or 4G pitches a rotary brush and cleaning is also a part of the maintenance plan that can be agreed and on site consultations to set out the stages of cleaning required.

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